How to Make Peace Bracelets

Recently, I’ve been over to my cousin’s house and here latest obsession happens to be… making peace bracelets. They’re totally fun to make, and their really cheap and easy. Plus they provide a sense of accomplishment and style! Tee Hee! Try in your spare time to make one too! And join the world to bring back the peace!!


1. Cut three strands of thread about 24 inches long.

2. Tie one end with a square knot (or any knot for that matter).

3. Tape the knotted end to a table or a steady surface.

4. Hold the strings together and twist until your bracelet is about 17 inches long.

5. Hold the twist in one hand, and place your finger from your other hand in the middle. Then fold the bracelet in half.

6. Remove your finger and the bottom should twist around itself. Press down any parts that stick out by pulling gntly on the bottom of the bracelet string.

7. Embellish your bracelet with peace and love charms and other decorations if you want to.

8. Finally, tie  the loose ends of the string with another knot.

And viola!! A lovely peace bracelet! They make the perfect gift for any peace lover and a fun way to spend time with friends… or cousins!


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