Take a Breather!

This past week was the last week of quarter three; and for some strange reason, I’ve always found quarter three to be the most difficult for me. I was really beginning to stress out with all the quizzes, tests, and last-minute projects beginning to pile up on me. And to top it all off, I realized that I have yet to prepare for what might be the death of me… *cough cough – my theology teacher’s  dreaded oral test.

So to shake off all the stress that’s been heaved upon my backpack, I went out to relax with my friend. Now usually friends hang out at the movies or the mall; but no, we went to her room and sat on the floor in silence… I know – weird…

This wasn’t really typical of her, and I was quite frankly creeped out about the silence. She explained to me that meditation, for her, was the most effective way to relieve the mind and soul from stress. But for me, sitting on the floor and saying nothing was difficult (considering how hyper I can sometimes be…). She brought out yoga mats that her mom owned. I was reluctant to do those strange yoga positions. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. She turned on this CD that played background music that sounded like nature sounds (like water trickling, birds chirping, etc.) Don’t even ask me where she got that CD… :/ 

So we sat there, breathing and clearing our minds, for who knows how long. At first, I was really awkward because my back began to ache, and I wasn’t comfortable doing the “lotus pose” and the “Happy Baby Pose”. After a while, though, I was beginning to get used to it. My friend taught me all these positions and techniques that taught me how to find inner peace in a time of stress. I learned that my uncomfortableness was simply a result of being closed-minded and tense. Once I let go of my troubles and thoughts of being embarrassed, I really felt calm. I trusted that everything was going to be all right. I learned that stress in moderation is necessary, but overdoing it (or anything for that matter) isn’t.

The time that I spent in meditation with my friend proved to an advantage to my time. It taught me a lot, and helped me find inner peace. Although I will still continue to stress in my life, I now know a technique to help me escape and relax. I’m still new to this concept, but it’s definently one that I will try to use in my daily life. I recommend yoga to everyone who feels tight and stressed out. It will feel awkward at first, but its worth it!

Just take a breather!


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