Earthquake in Chile

Opportunities of suffering and sadness are said to be God’s Way of bringing peace into the world. Sometimes it takes some hardships to open our eyes and help us realize what’s really important in life. When we lose something or someone, we realize how thankful we truely are for the little blessings that are taken for granted. To me, the earthquakes in Haiti and now in Chile are a chance for the world to work together for peace and restoration.

A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 struck Chile on February 27, 2010 at 3:34 a.m. This earthquake is one of the strongest ever recorded. Chilean authorities say that over 400 people are found dead. There are countless others missing and injured. In addition to the devastating storm, the earthquake has caused a tsunami that is traveling across the Pacific Ocean heading toward Hawaii. Unlike that of Haiti, the earthquake occured 70 miles off Chile’s coast and was far apart from big cities. Still, the quake’s magnitude traveled 22 miles underground. Officials report that at least half-a-million homes have been severly destroyed affecting approximately 2 million people. Although it is a heart-breaking situation in Chile, the number of victims affected isn’t as much as the death tolls in Haiti.

When I heard about this recent earthquake, I was in shock. I was thinking, “First Haiti, now this?” I couldn’t believe how natural disasters were taking a huge part of news within a similar time frame. But something inside me said that hope wasn’t lost. Like for Haiti, the world to could come together and help the Chileans. In spite of my disbelief, I smiled remembering one of my favorite quotes: “PEACE IS NOT A DESTINATION. IT IS A ROAD FOR TRAVELLERS.”

I think we should all travel this road whether it be a familial, communal, or world-wide issue! Everyone can be a traveller on the road to peace! Yes, its going to take a while. Yes, the walking will hurt our feet. But the thought of creating difference for a greater good will bring a smile to our faces and a glimmer to our eyes! The thought combined with the effort to walk the road will bring peace into our world!

So don’t be discouraged. Stand up and make peace!
Isn’t it comforting to know that even disastrous moments in our lives can be turned into opportunities for peace?


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