“We Are the World”

Peace is defined in many different ways. Perhaps what all definitions share is the common sense of goodness. Peace can be a feeling, a state of being, a goal, an accomplishment, etc. However, I believe that peace is not for a single individual experience. It is for all mankind to partake in. Peace can’t be accomplished by just one person; but it can be started by one person.Isn’t it great, though, when so many people come together to work for peace? Sadly, sometimes destruction and devastation must occur in order for us to work for peace. Sometimes our opportunities to see/experience goodness and blessing are hidden underneath the rubble of seemingly hopeless situations. Haiti is an example of our efforts.

2010 has brought us the affliction of the Haiti earthquake as well as the opportunity to work towards the goal for peace. The song “We Are The World”, written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson in 1985, was sung again by 81 new artists including: Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Pink, Janet Jackson, and many more. The song’s purpose is to gather help and donations for Haitian relief. “We Are The World” displays our human characteristic and longing for peace. It shows that we are a unitive people. You can send help to this country in need by donating to world25.org or purchasing the song at itunes.com/WeAreTheWorld.

Here’s the link to the official music video of “We Are the World”:



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