The Nobel Peace Prize

Hello Readers!

 As a preview to the upcoming posts that I will publish about peacemakers of our time and in history, I thought it would appropriate to give some information about the prestigous Nobel Peace Prize that is awarded to a few of these wonderful people.

 The Nobel (not Noble) Peace Prize was established by Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Nobel was a Swedish native who was known through multiple professions such as:

·         Scientist

·         Chemist

·         Inventor

·         Entrepreneur

·         Author

·         Pacifist

·         Engineer

Through his last will, he communicated his wish to invest much of his large fortune in the creation of the Nobel Prize. The basis for these awards were constructed in 1895. Since 1901, this prize has been universally rewarded to men and women who have excelled in works of peace in physics, medicine, chemistry, and literature.
















*Interesting Side Note*

Alfred Bernhard Nobel is also recognized as the inventor of dynamite… hmm.


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